photo courtesy of  Barbara LeGere

photo courtesy of Barbara LeGere

A little about me;  I’m married with three kids, which is crazy.  I’m not sure how that happened.  I mean I know HOW it happened, it’s just the younger version of myself can’t believe it sometimes.  Now I couldn’t imagine life any differently… or better!

I used to have hobbies but then the above paragraph happened.  I still love to cook.  I love to cook and eat.  Cajun cooking will always be my first love and then most recently I’ve discovered curry (like how to make it legit homemade and be amazing)!  I’d be remised if I left out beer and football.  

I love, I mean LOVE a good IPA and love college football.  Can we talk about the irony of that for a second?  Being a wedding photographer and a college football fan and how they both happen on Saturday. God has a great sense of humor.

Which brings us to our next subject, God.  I love God with all my heart and I try to be a good example to anyone that might notice.  And I fail at it miserably.  A lot.  And often.  However, I keep trying, because his love never fails.

work history

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a while, longer than most people do it for; ten years so far and a little over 250 weddings.  I’m a pretty humble person (try to be) and the following part is hard for me but I need to throw it out there.  Here we go: I’ve won multiple awards for my work, I’ve won multiple awards for specifically being a wedding photographer.  I’ve been published locally, nationally and internationally.  I’ve shot everything from small intimate ceremonies to large A list celebrity weddings.   

There is this great Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere”, it’s easy to appreciate even for folks that don’t like country.  Which would be me but I still like Johnny Cash… so whatever that means.

I digress, my point is someone should write a song about the weddings I’ve done.  Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational, Jewish, Hindu, Persian, Mormon (but not the actual ceremony, look it up if you don’t know why), tea ceremonies and probably a few more I’m not recalling right now.  Then there are the fusion weddings; Christian/Jewish, Western/Hindu, Baptist/Islamic, Long Horn/Aggie (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and many, many more I’ve been a part of.

I didn’t mention the LBGTQ community, mostly because it’s not a religion.  Yet, anyway.  I love all my sisters and brothers in the LBGTQ community and have shot a few gay and lesbian weddings and hope to keep doing so in the future.  Because again, love never fails.     

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