engagement couple in front of Austin Art museumTime was up, the light turned green and traffic was barreling down Congress once again, but we were still in the middle of the intersection!  There was a slight panic, along with an overwhelming urge to make it to the sidewalk and out of the street, but ultimately we had a good laugh once we were out of harm’s way. I learned a great photographic lesson with Kristen and Kyle that day while doing their engagement pictures.  A great icebreaker for any photo shoot is to be thrust into something hazardous, perilous or even something you aren’t a 100% certain of the outcome.  By doing this, you tend to completely forget about being self-conscious and totally focus on two things:  1) following the direction of your photographer for looking awesome and 2) not dying.  I guess when self-preservation kicks-in, any thought of possibly being awkward or self-conscious is moved to the back burner.  Once we were done dodging traffic, the rest of their shoot was a breeze!

All kidding aside, Kristen and Kyle killed it during their engagement session.  They were game for just about anything, they were having a great time (me too!) and it really shows in their pictures.  Their wedding later this summer is going to be a lot of fun!