ChelseaMattChelsea is our guest blogger today, she and Matt were married a couple of weeks ago at the The Amala Foundation.  These two truly followed their heart in every aspect of planning their wedding! From Chelsea:

Hello there! I’m Chelsea, part of Team Chatt! (That stands for Chelsea and Matt, the names of myself and my husband.) Mike was so kind as to let me to write a bit about how we met and our unique wedding, so here goes!

Matt and I met each other at college in Carnegie Mellon. He was a mathematician majoring in computer science and I a cartoonist majoring in Japanese and fine arts. We connected over shared passions like video games and our love for making things together with our friends like experimental cuisine or comics. In the seven years following our meeting, as our passion for creation and philanthropy grew, so did our love for each other. We knew without a doubt that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and last year we made it official. Matt proposed to me at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center with a picnic of artisan cheeses, and I proposed to him by making an interactive fiction video game for him a few months later. Matt now works as a software developer and myself as an interaction designer, where we both make technology smarter and more usable. We’ve always believed that good technology is a blend of both human and digital parts.

Both Matt and I were inspired by Art Nouveau, an art style in which manmade forms like glass and copper combine with the beauty of nature to create a union that is more than the sum of its parts. We chose our colors of copper and emerald to match that theme, and also used a motif of flourishes which evoke the shape of the infinity symbol and of fractals. Our decorations were primarily glass, apothecary jars and a few flowers to accent the natural beauty of our venue.

The Sanctuary was a clear choice for us. The venue is run by the Amala Foundation, a non-profit that connects youth from around the world and inspires them to be better leaders. We feel great knowing our venue fees went to a local non-profit whose mission we care about, and we love the space they provided for us. The Sanctuary’s oak trees lent their beauty and shade to our special day, and also made for a fun and unique photo-op from up in the branches.

This wedding is not only a reflection of Matt and my passions, but a reflection of the intentional community that we have built around us. After we read our handwritten vows, we followed up our ceremony with a traditional Chinese lion dance from Matt’s kung fu studio. He’s been practicing kung fu for over five years and as a black belt, we see the folks at the Austin Kung Fu Academy as family.

The wedding was very memorable for us—we enjoyed climbing up a huge tree in the middle of The Sanctuary together and dancing with our friends and family with glowsticks at night. After almost everyone left, we swung together in the tire swing that was on site and laughed as my dad and my nieces pushed us, higher and higher. It was a perfect reminder of our enduring love, friendship, and the incredible and generous people with whom we have surrounded ourselves.

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