Lindsay&BorisWe have a special guest blogger today, Lindsay Randle.  The Knot recently featured Lindsay and Boris’s wedding, so I asked if she would share some of her wedding planning inspiration with us. From Lindsay:

Boris and I met in Houston playing in an adult kickball league.  Our first couple of meetings were filled with competitive flirtatious banter.  After our first date, we were pretty much inseparable.Eventually Boris moved to Denver for work, and so began our long distance relationship.  One Friday he flew to Houston. We decided to go on a "no cell phone date" which we did every once in while so it wasn't suspicious.  As we were walking out the door of my

apartment and I am complaining about the Houston humidity making my hair frizz, I turned to see him drop down to one knee.  He said all sorts of wonderful sweet things that neither one of us can remember word for word, but he ended by asking if I would be his wife.  I immediately dropped to my knees and we both hugged and cried (I think I eventually said yes).  The next thing I said was "Wait!  Did you ask my dad?!"  After assuring me he had my father's blessing, we decided to go have our date night and call family and friends later.  When I walked into our favorite restaurant date spot, I was surprised with my parents, sister, and our closest friends.  It was such a special night filled with lots of laughs and happy tears.

When we started wedding planning, we knew we wanted the wedding in Austin. We had visions of a beautiful event in the hill country.  My parents are members of Riverbend Church and Boris and I often went with them on the weekends.  It had a naturally beautiful intimate chapel that we knew would be perfect for the ceremony.  When it came to the reception, I wanted something as naturally beautiful as possible. I would love the idea of an outdoor wedding with a breathtaking view, but I was a little too "control freaky" and anxious for that.  When we saw Barton Creek's pavilion, and realized I could have an indoor wedding with no worry of the weather and still have an open venue with large patio and those hill country views.  It was the best of both worlds!

Throughout wedding planning, I just followed my heart with vendors.  I chose the planner, hair and makeup, wedding photographer, band, florist, etc based on people I felt I "clicked with”.  People I could communicate with and that I felt could understand my vision.  It is easier to

relax during the wedding planner process when you like and trust the people you are working and planning with.  Most importantly, you can actually enjoy your own wedding!!

More than anything, we wanted a wedding we would truly enjoy.  Something that celebrated us, and our families.  We strived to add touches to our ceremony (the reading passage, and Russian vows) that would make it truly intimate.  For our reception, we wanted a big party!  We provided some dance props and flip flops so that people could really cut a rug. Nothing made me happier than seeing a picture of a packed dance floor and empty tables and chairs.  We had a great time, and our guests did too.  It was a beautiful night, one that we will remember a lifetime.