Couple getting married New Years Eve with confettiToday we have a quick public service announcement, a warning about confetti and hair spray.  Apparently hairspray is really sticky (which would make sense if you’re using it to hold hair in place.  My only experience with hair spray was stealing grandma’s AquaNet to impress my friends with a homemade blowtorch.  A side benefit, my buddy Johnny didn’t need a haircut the rest of that summer!) Anyway, if you combine the tininess of confetti and the sticky properties of hairspray, you get a bride-to-be pulling bits and pieces out of her hair for the next few of days.  Totally worth!

Big props to Amanda and her mom for the party idea.  She and Stuart are getting married on New Year’s Eve this year and thought a NYE themed shoot would be perfect for their save-the-dates.  Plus, it was February and a good chance to have cold or rainy weather (which we got both) so having one indoor set really helped.  Amanda and Stuart met in Austin, and the city is near and dear to their hearts when you talk about their relationship, so we had to get some kind of mural in as well as the Capital.  As luck would have it we found a groovy sofa in an alley next to a mural Wild Bill.  What are the chances?

Great big thank you to Maris Malone Calderon for Amanda’s amazing look!