So I’ve been a working professional wedding photographer going on four and half years and yes just like little kids under the age of ten I to throw in that half year… makes us feel more accomplished (did I mention I was a hobbiest the nine years prior to that???).  I’ve done a lot of weddings and have built up a wealth of experience not just technically and artistically but also with wedding day logistics, time management, organization and dealing with varying personalities.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a whole new experience with a wedding that I have never had before - getting to shoot my niece Elisha's wedding in beautiful North Carolina! I spend a lot of time with all of my clients - there is so much that goes into planning not only the wedding photography, but all of other pieces that can go with it (engagements, bridals, day after shoots, etc) that by the time a wedding is over, I consider most of my clients friends .  So much so that when my clients get married, it always feels more like I'm part of a friend's wedding.  Getting to shoot Elisha's wedding was on a whole different level though.  It was really insightful seeing the wedding through the lens of a family member.  Kinda different!

I'll spare you guys all the mushy "I remember holding Elisha as a baby" or "She grew up so fast", but all that IS true and it meant a lot to me to be a part of her big day (Tony’s too!).  They had gorgeous ceremony by the river and good times with family and friends afterwards!  I have nine nieces, so I'm guessing this may not be the last family wedding I shoot.

Lastly, I know some of you maybe wondering - How can a guy as young as I am have a niece that’s old enough to be getting married?  Two things, even though I appear young and act even younger, I’m actually just a wee-bit older.  Mix that with a an older sister that is WAY older than me (love you Deb!!!) and you get a niece of marring age.


Here's the slide show!

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