Grace-Sam-Atlanta I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot Grace and Sam’s wedding a few weeks ago in Atlanta.

I photograph a handful of destination weddings every year, but mostly weddings here in Austin.  I had not been to Atlanta in a while and it’s always a great time to go back and hang-out with old friends.  Its even better to be able to go and shoot a spectacularly gorgeous couple along with their friends and family!

In business, there is a term called an “elevator pitch”.  The basics of the pitch is to explain to someone new you meet, what it is you do or your company does in 30 seconds or less; the span of time it takes to ride an elevator down a couple of floors.  The elevator pitch is crucial, sometimes in business and life, you only have 30 seconds to make that all important first impression.

And now you are asking, what does this has what to do with wedding photography?  Well, in Grace and Sam’s wedding, everything!  They met for the first time in an elevator.  I believe it was either when Grace was visiting Austin or just had to moved to Austin that she bumped into Sam on an elevator.  It was going down just one floor and one of them had just finished working out as well.  (Disclaimer: I already gave her a hard time for taking an elevator down just one floor from a gym but in this situation the stairs were not easily available.  I forget the exact details but it was legit!).  After hearing this, I’m thinking to myself, “Man, Sam has one heck of an elevator pitch… one floor is not even 30 seconds.  Ends up it wan’t Sam with the elevator pitch!

Big thank you to my new found friend Raven for helping shoot Grace and Sam's wedding!