wedding hair Do you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day?  That question is asked by brides a thousand times a day and countless magazines, blogs, wedding books all have their own opinion on the subject.  Not to mention mother of the bride, maid of honor, matron of honor, bridesmaids.  I bet there are even a handful of grooms out there who have a  preference of up, down, pulled to the side, whatever!

What about practicality?  Ok, so that last question may not be something that every bride-to-be is concerned about, at least it’s not typically at the top of her list, but I’m a guy and I’m all about practicality… until it comes to your wedding day.  When I first started out as a wedding photographer in Austin I approached it like a military operation.  Gear had to be minimal so I could move quickly, climb, crawl, or simply melt into the background unnoticed. Whatever the situation called for.  Now all those things are still true, I just bring more people to help carry the load. :)

So what about practicality of your hair being up or down?  If it’s up and off the neck, it’s cooler and you don’t have to fuss with it, plus it has a very elegant appeal.  In other words  - it’s fancy!  What if you wear your hair down most of the time in day-to-day life?  You want to look like you on your wedding day right?  Maybe?  Just a little?  Not to mention there are so many cute up do hairstyles.  Current count has Pinterest at 1 trillion boards dedicated to just wedding hair.  When you look back through your wedding album how, do you want to see your hair?

Well, in comes Sara with the answer to all your wedding hair questions.  You do both.  Why not?  Your probably considering a pair of super-gorgeous heels for the ceremony and then something more comfy to dance in at the reception, right?  It’s not too uncommon for a bride to have a second dress, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, or even a get-away dress.  At the very least, 98% of all wedding dresses get bustled between the wedding ceremony and reception.  When you’re getting your dress pinned up, you can let your hair down!  Work with your stylist to come up with a style that will come down easily and you could have a finished look in just a few minutes.

Sara wears her hair down the majority of the time, but for her wedding day she really wanted it up for that more glamorous look.  For her bridals, we decided we could do both.  Start with it up and when we got everything we wanted she could let her hair down.

There are lots of choices to make for your wedding day and sometimes you can have it both ways!

Big thank you to Ally Richard, she's the amazing stylist and make-up artist behind's Sara's look.