Kelli&KyleI’m  not sure anything says “I love you” more than a shot of whisky out of a red Solo cup (I had no idea you could even get a red Solo cup in shot size!).  Kyle had known Kelli for years, they were friends way before they ever starting dating.  They actually met singing in the church choir (ok, not really the choir, it was more of an elite group of super-talented singers). Kelli is more of a wine girl than she is a shot-of-whiskey girl, however having known her for so long Kyle knew she might want something to take the edge off during their first look.  At the very least it made for a good laugh as he presented it to her, whether she actually took it or not.  You can see the tears turn to a big belly laugh below.

I can’t say this enough, doing a first look/seeing each other before the wedding is such a stress reliever.  Unless the idea of seeing each other before the wedding totally freaks you out, I highly recommend doing a first look.  It takes any anxiety you might be feeling off center stage and refocuses that energy to what’s import, your soon-to-be husband/wife.  It puts you in the right frame of mind to really enjoy the rest of your day.  Kelli had a few more tears during her ceremony, but there was a healthy mix of laughs and giggles in there too!

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out some of Kelli’s wedding details.  As an Austin wedding photographer, I get to see some really spectacular events and weddings, but I have to give Kelli some major props for hers.  They were spectacular - from her centerpieces, to her flowers, to the dessert table.  They were all super-gorgeous.  Check-out the little tiny pies!  They looked amazing AND got rave reviews from the guests!

A big thank you to Kindred Oaks and their amazing staff for being such a great venue.