lindsey-nick-wedding-austinGreat advice for any bride planning a wedding from Lindsey today!  Lindsey is super-creative which really came though when we were planning her engagement and bridal sessions.  When it came to the actual wedding day, Lindsey pulled out all the stops and really stepped up her creative game for the occasion.  She had tons of great details and did an amazing job.  I hope you enjoy reading about Lindsey’s wedding - I love her line about “let it all go” when it looks like not everything will go according to plan! Before our engagement Nick and I had no idea how a wedding happened. Our only exposure to the wild world of wedding planning was a certain Jennifer Lopez movie and Say Yes to the Dress—both very far from either of our realities. So, over the course of our year-long engagement, with the help of some truly amazing vendors and our closest friends and family, we figured out how to celebrate our wedding so it would reflect who we are: laid-back Austinites, lovers of classic rock, dance floor heroes.

The planning process was a mixture of Pinterest, wedding blogs, lists, daily calls to my long suffering mother, Etsy and fantastic vendors who helped make our visions a reality while staying within our budget. I feel so lucky to have worked with each and every one of them. We settled on a bohemian vibe, full of DIY projects and artistic touches. It was small-scale and so perfectly us.

It rained the morning of our outdoor wedding, and what had seemed vital (to have that perfectly sunny day or that epic DIY’d garland or that cake stand) now felt like just a small part of something bigger and more important. The rain did eventually stop, and the sun came out right before the music began, but it was amazing to let it all go, to stop caring, to embrace whatever happened.

Our ceremony was short and punctuated with the music that has defined our relationship. I walked down the aisle to a classical guitar rendition of November Rain, and that moment, my dad at my side, Nick smiling at me from the gazebo is one of the best of my life. The reception afterwards was the best and craziest party I’ve ever attended, full of 80s music, amazing food and drinks, and the people who have supported and loved us for years. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I smiled so much that it hurt.

Advice for brides currently in the throes of planning? Enjoy every minute, because it goes by so fast. Don’t do anything because it’s “what you’re supposed to do.” Also, hire the best photographer and videographer you can afford because you will never get tired of looking at those pictures and watching that video.