Melannie&RanceMelannie and Rance’s wedding at Nature’s Point was a fun one!  The wedding started with the groom’s brother-in-law performing the ceremony - very heartfelt.   The reception was quite the party - including the same piano player/singer who was present the night they met - very romantic! Melannie is our guest blogger today with details about their story.

From Melannie:

I remember the feeling of laughter, the breeze on the lake hitting my chest, my husband’s smile against mine, and most of all my father’s tears running down my cheek. There are so many emotions and feelings that hit you on your wedding day. When it’s all done you wonder how that one moment you’ve waited so long for runs past you so quickly like a speeding train. Your left looking back, wondering how to grab on to it and hold on to those memories. I’d love to press pause, play, and rewind about a thousand times during that whole day. From riding in windows down with my best friends, to crying my eyes out in our vows, and then back to holding my dad’s hand as he gave away his little girl. I remind myself though that time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. If I could offer one piece of advice to new brides, enjoy every second and savor it. I’ll think of those moments for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Mike, for capturing the most special day of my life so beautifully. Your work is truly magnificent.

How we met...

The summer of 2010 Rance and I were both living in College Station attending Texas A&M. On August 11th, Rance decided to go out with a few of his work buddies for his birthday. I had just moved in to a new house around the corner from a local bar called The Tap. Several of my girlfriends were heading there for piano night (Russell was playing that night and he also played at our wedding) and asked me to join. One of my best friends Shea and I were chatting about this cute guy in a white shirt on the patio with us (Rance). She decided she was going to get us to meet. She made a bold move and suddenly ran over him without another word to me. We ended up chatting all night. Rance got my number and we've been together ever since! If it weren't for Shea or Russell playing that night, we would have never met. Thank you to the both of you!

How he proposed...

Our favorite thing is to travel. We love to spend time outdoors and see new places. Rance had been bugging me about going on a vacation somewhere north. We decided on Whistler, Canada after asking around. The whole trip Rance was a bit off, but I wasn't sure why. He got upset with me every time I went through his backpack which was pretty frustrating. Little did I know he was keeping the ring at the bottom. He planned a gondola ride to the top of the mountain for us one day. When we arrived at the top, he found a quiet place on the edge of a cliff to sit down and enjoy the view. He asked if we could take a picture together. I sat down in front of him, but was so focused on his muddy shoe on my jacket that he slipped out the ring box instead and held it in front of my face. When I finally looked up I just burst into tears and he whispered in my ear, "Will you marry me?". Of course my answer was yes!

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