Jordan&MichaelMichael reaches around the door and takes Jordan’s hand in his; at this point everyone in the room looses it, balling their eyes out. This was the scene 10 minutes before Jordan and Michael are to meet at the end of the aisle.  What started off as a cute, pre-wedding idea turned into a really emotional moment for everyone.  Probably not a bad way to start off your wedding day. Today I get to share a really spectacular wedding, Jordan and Michael’s wedding at the Texas Federation of Women’s Club.  It was my first trip to the Women’s Club and hope it’s not my last!  The venue is amazing… it’s huge!  There are so many rooms with so many different shooting possibilities.  The main ball room itself is magnificent, with ceilings that go on forever, and a decor that is impeccable.  It was a joy to photograph their wedding here.

Jordan was nice enough to share a little about her and Michael as well as some of her wedding planning inspiration with us.

From Jordan:

I truly believe it was God who brought Michael and I together.  On Michael’s first visit to our church, as a cool, fifteen-year-old quarterback, he saw my dad on stage playing an outrageously awesome guitar solo and decided that he just had to take guitar lessons from him. I, being an awkward and gawky middle schooler at the time, was only brave enough to spy on Michael from upstairs every time he took a guitar lesson. A few years later I was sixteen and a little less awkward, definitely more confident, and Michael was home from college for the summer. Under very unlikely circumstances we both ended up at the same youth event for our church.  After the initial, “Hey, I remember you!” we sat by each other and chatted a little, and by the next summer we were best friends and completely inseparable.

After two years of dating, the majority being long-distance, Michael proposed to me with my friends and family watching at my favorite spot in town. As I used my sister’s headphone to listen to a song Michael had written and recorded for me, I watched a train of friends and family walk towards me. They were holding beautiful charcoal drawings, drawn by Michael, of his favorite memories of us. Michael was the last in line and he was holding a blank piece of paper for the new memories we were going to make. As I sat there bawling, Michael instructed me to take my earphones out. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I knew before we were engaged I wanted my wedding colors to be tiffany blue and white. I thought those colors were so classy and “weddingy”, exactly how I wanted my whole wedding to be. Both Michael and I are very old-fashioned, and we love dancing, so a huge, gorgeous ballroom hidden in an old, mansion in Austin, TX was the perfect venue for us.  When it came to choosing vendors we actually went with many of our friends from our church (including Forever Films, who completely and totally blew us away). Other than that the Knot was extremely helpful as was having a wedding coordinator (Stefanie from Your Wedding, Your Way - she is so funny and a complete joy to work with!). Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, perfect in every way. It felt like a dream. When we think about it now we are completely overwhelmed by how much God has blessed us. He was there every step of the way.