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Brett’s Barr Mansion Bridal

barr mansion bride with golden sunlight Brett and Nick were married this past weekend which means I can share her bridal session.  She was as absolutely breath taking!  Saturday I told Brett she might get tired of hearing people tell her how good she looks, she looked just as amazing.  However I doubt that ever gets old, especially on your wedding day.  :)

Krystal’s Bridals at the Neill-Cochran House

Krystal looked absolutely amazing for her bridals, she killed it!  This was my first time shooting bridals or a wedding at the Neill-Cochran House. Krystal is a designer by trade and had a handful of really good concepts that she wanted to shoot.  I’m happy we were able to translate her ideas into really great images.

Katy's Bridal

Katy and Tanner tied the knot this weekend, so with that said I can now show off some of my favorites from Katy’s bridal session!