Christina&Dwain.1Christina and Dwain are not your typical newly wed couple.  They’ve been together for ten years and have two daughters together.  At this point I’m will to bet they know what’s like to be married through the highs and the lows - been, there done that.  It would be super easy, and some would even say reasonable, to become comfortable with each other.  This however; is where their awesomeness shines through!  It kind of threw me off at first as well.  After being together for ten year, I was totally not expecting your typical wedding day jitters from this two.   After all, they’ve been together a decade and are raising their two daughters.  I was so surprised when I realized that even after ten years together, they had lots of butterflies and all the nervousness of any other wedding I’ve photographed.  It was awesome and heart-warming even for an experienced wedding photographer who has the privilege to see a lot of warming moments! I love to get the brides perspective from her about her wedding day and some of her favorite planning details, tips and tricks to share but we’re mixing it up a little today.  This time, the groom is giving us his point of view about the wedding, more specifically working with Barbara and I.  A little behind the scenes if you will!

From the groom:

We booked Mike and Barbara a month before our ceremony.  Mike promptly contacted us requesting info about event timing and the shots that we wanted during and before the wedding.  Despite getting back to him very late in the game he was very accommodating.  We provided a list of group shots we wanted and he promptly replied with guidance that would help us get the most out of our day and still get all of the shots we wanted.

The ceremony

The team was booked for six hours.  They arrived on time prior to the ceremony with all equipment prepared and ready to shoot.  They were equipped with multiple lenses and were able to quickly adapt camera settings to adjust for the rapidly changing cloud cover.

Early September afternoons in the Hill Country can be blazing hot.  Our ceremony day was no exception.

Despite the weather challenges the duo remained very professional but most importantly they maintained a fun and lively atmosphere for all of the different photo shoots which made the whole process enjoyable.

We took picture during our first look the team was positioned and ready to capture our moment.  Following our first look we took our pics with our court - which saved us a lot of time during our reception for dancing. :)

Post ceremony and reception

We took family shots after the ceremony.  The team was able to navigate the many family relationships easily and also patient despite many unruly fidgety children.

During our reception Mike stole us away for a quick starlight shoot.  These pictures were great and gave us an opportunity to get some air and be alone with each other.  Mike took multiple poses and backgrounds very quickly so that we wouldn’t miss a lot of our reception.

Above all, the team made the photo shoots fun. They used their personal creativity and the venue to highlight the shots of our day.  We would definitely recommend them to others.