Lauren&JoeLauren is our guest blogger/bride today and what a truly gorgeous wedding she and Joe had.  Rich in details would be an understatement, It was obvious that Lauren paid special attention to all the little details of the day and the results were spectacular - a real treat for your favorite wedding photographer!  The Rock House itself was amazing; I actually had no idea it even existed, all the weddings we’ve done previously at Barton Creek were at the main resort.

From Lauren:

I couldn't have asked a more amazing wedding; my mom and dad orchestrated an incredible wedding at the “The Rock House” which is an authentic Texas, limestone house on a gorgeous lawn on the edge of the sparkling Barton Creek at the Omni Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX which sits majestically high in the spectacular Texas Hill Country. For style, my inspiration was “Bohemian-chic” but not overdone. The wedding ceremony and reception were all outdoors, so the weather had to be (and was!) perfect. The Bohemian theme was reinforced with burlap and wild flowers and the Chic theme was accented by a crystal chandelier hung, outdoors, over the wedding party table amidst sparkling Tivoli lights with a nearby seating set featuring rich, blue velvet, Queen Anne sofas and chairs nestled atop a bed of perfect green lawn. Ottomans? Of course they were faux cowhide; what else would they be?

Most of all we wanted it to be carefree and fun, and the setting with all of its seeming contradictions, proved to be just the perfect venue for “our party”!

I couldn't have asked for anything more, as it was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever witnessed and I was so happy to see everyone. We loved savoring our dinner and talking with everyone. Joey and I were so happy and he makes me feel like me, I love him so much and can’t believe we're married!